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c_a_j's Journal

Central Asian Journal
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C-A-J, or Central Asian Journal, is a place where you (suppose to) find the latest information about Central Asia - exiting, but still largely unknown area. It is a place to share information about most interesting developments in this region, to share your opinions and observations and hear an interesting comments and debates.

It is also a meeting place - of those who live and work there, who study and write about this region, or who is simply interested to learn more about Central Asia.

The Journal mostly covers five ex-Soviet republics of Central Asia – Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan. However, it is also includes news and information from, and about, China, Mongolia, Russia, Turkey, the Caucasus, related to the Central Asian developments.

Rules here are simple: be respectful with your postings and comments; no form of abuse or cruelty, harassment or racism, etc. is allowed here. Posts breaking these rules will be deleted without warning, and authors who don't follow the rules will be eventually banned from the community.