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Please excuse my manners. I have been monitoring this community for some time and haven't made myself known.

My connection to Central Asia is Samarkand, Uzbekistan. I lived there for a year and a half as a Peace Corps volunteer. Central Asia is a very important region of the world right now due to its neighbors and its resources.

I want to live in Central Asia permanently but I most likely will have to live in Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan because Uzbekistan is closed for foreigners, and Americans in particular. The only problem with that is there is no other city like Samarkand with a mix of ancient and modernity. A friend of mine is in Kazakhstan right now and I am trying to get over there. If anyone knows of any interesting job in Central Asia please keep me informed.
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There are plenty of opportunities in both Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, for example you may find job as civilian servant in Bishkek - US army military base "Gansi" -))) ... Bishkek is traditinally low-priced city... you may maintain youself freely for at least $300 monthly -) if you have no strive for luxury accomodation, european well made hi-end food, top-gear cars, etc... for if you have, go to Almaty make hire youself in Western based company (oil & gas preferably) and the dolca vita life style will follow you up everywhere in this would-be muslim country...

otherwise go to Thailand -)))